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Cupcake Rangers Mission I: The Hunt Is On

Last December, I gathered some fellow cupcakes enthusiasts to go on a cupcake hunt with me. We called ourselves.. THE CUPCAKE RANGERS. I know what you’re thinking. photo credits to hahahhahaaha. kinda hilarious but cute at the same time. So there were 4 of us, and about 9 cupcakes shops we shortlisted to try on … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time, I Baked Too Many Red Velvets

When I made up my mind to do freelance baking a couple of months back, the first thing I worked on was improving my recipes. Red Velvets have been a top favourite amongst my friends & community, and with the many opportunities that I had, these were the many, many times that I baked Red Velvets. … Continue reading

The One With A Baker & 120 Cupcakes.

You see, there was me. And there was a big order. And then there was me, slaving for 5 hours to bake all 120 cupcakes. Then, you have this; Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting & heart sprinkles.(whoaaa! That’s a mouthful to say) Check out those brand spanking new labels that I’ve worked on. … Continue reading

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