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Wedrock Weddings Cleo Photoshoot

Hey all! I’m pretty excited to update on this particular post, because one of my BFFs made it to a CLEO Carreer Star magazine interview for Feb’s issue! Like ZOMG! photo credits to Meet Jess, a dear of friend of mine, who is a kickass wedding planner. photo credits to She started her … Continue reading

Classic carrot cake

Last friday, I tried out a new recipe for CARROT CAKE! (yes finally) Been wanting to try carrot cake for the longest time but I don’t know why I didn’t get down to it. Maybe the thought of grating carrots put me off. Hehe, typical lazy me. Anyways, I thought it’ll be nice to try … Continue reading

Best Cheesecake I’ve Ever Had

I love a good cheesecake. I love one that I can bake it from scratch & enjoy it all to myself. Not that I want to paint myself with such gluttony, I know it’s the least flattering image, but oh, such wondrous, luxurious, smooth cheesecake. Gotta admit it is my kind of comfort food. 😉 Couple years back … Continue reading

Finally a new post!

hello you guys! It’s been such a long while since my last update, I’ve spent a month long holiday in the fabulous Down Under during the month of July (maybe a post will follow on all the fantastic cafes I’ve been to in Aussie, MAYBE.) Been back home & bumming around alot lately, trying my … Continue reading

Old-school Apple Cake

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, been working on a couple of bake projects and stuff! But I’m happy to update that in today’s post, we’ll be doing: APPLE CAKE! I first came across this recipe of the apple cake when watching Working Class Foodies back in 2009(?!) I loved how the … Continue reading

Rainbows Are Love

Just a short update, these are rainbow cupcakes I made quite a while back. 🙂 I wanted to mix all colours in a cup, but, these babycakes are way too small, so I made do with individual colours in each.  And I ended up with these beautiful cupcakes & 5 different colours. They are butter … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time, I Baked Too Many Red Velvets

When I made up my mind to do freelance baking a couple of months back, the first thing I worked on was improving my recipes. Red Velvets have been a top favourite amongst my friends & community, and with the many opportunities that I had, these were the many, many times that I baked Red Velvets. … Continue reading

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