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Wedrock Weddings Cleo Photoshoot

Hey all!

I’m pretty excited to update on this particular post, because one of my BFFs made it to a CLEO Carreer Star magazine interview for Feb’s issue! Like ZOMG!

photo credits to wedrockweddings.com

Meet Jess, a dear of friend of mine, who is a kickass wedding planner.

photo credits to wedrockweddings.com

She started her own company about a year ago, you can check her out here : http://www.wedrockweddings.com/

photo credits to wedrockweddings.com

So when Jess got the interview for Cleo Magazine, she arranged for a photoshoot to showcase elements of weddings, etc.

And she wanted an Ombre rose cake.

A two-tired ombre rose cake.

Photo 20-2-13 15 22 24

So of course, she came looking for me. 🙂

Naturally I agreed of course, I’d love any opportunities that allow me to experiment and try out new things.

But frankly, I had no idea if I would be successful in churning out this order.

I had a crash course on youtube/Bakerella/Cake Boss on learning how to stack a wedding cake.

Then going onto Amanda’s website (iambaker.net) to learn how to pipe roses.

Loads and loads of prepping to do.

Challenge #1 – Bake and frost 2 whole cakes

So I began by baking and 7inch and 4inch red velvet rounds. Then frost and stack the layers, with cream cheese in between.

Photo 19-2-13 8 02 07

Challenge #2 – Do pink ombre shades of buttercream and pipe roses.

I froze both cakes to make sure they are really firm when I started to pipe the pink ombre roses on.

Had to search for a really firm and white frosting to pipe the roses. So I decided on using shortening in a basic buttercream frosting.

Took me quite a while to get the shades right.

So nervous about piping the roses!

*deep breath* and here we go!

Okay, first layer looks passable.

Then the next, hahaha and I started swirling the roses bigger and bigger.

Photo 19-2-13 8 17 16

Slowly but surely, the ombre rose cake is slowly starting to take its shape.


Photo 19-2-13 8 17 59

Well kinda I think? My piped roses do not look as perfect the ones on Iambaker.net

But hey, not too bad for a first try I think? 🙂

Now with the bottom tier done, the top tier was just frosted in the lightest shade of pink, same shade as the top row of roses on the bottom tier.

Jess requested the top tier to be a plain cake tier.

Challenge #3 – Stacking both tiers

Now for the nerve wrecking moment -stacking both tiers together.

I had to use wooden chopsticks as dowelling rods because the ones at PH were ridiculously expensive.

I inserted 8 wooden chopsticks into the bottom tier to support the top tier.

Here goes nothing!

Yay, so I did manage to stack my 2 tiers together and did some finishing touches.

Photo 20-2-13 15 24 16


So here comes the unintended,

Challenge #4 – Delivery

There was absolutely no cake box that I had that would fit this giant.

I had to call a cab and quick, because I was running late.

And I carried the whole cake in a huge buffet tray, holding onto it with my dear life during the taxi ride, seriously the most stressful taxi ride ever.

Thankfully the taxi uncle was really considerate and drove carefully around the bends and over the humps. I made it to the photoshoot at Jess’ place just on time! Cake was thankfully, still in one whole piece.

Photo 20-2-13 15 21 18

Jess prepared a cake stand for the cake, and gosh. another super stressful moment trying to place the whole two tier cake on the cake stand.

And there you go! The cake really completes the whole look of the photoshoot.

Photo 19-2-13 8 23 03

Here’s the full shoot

Photo 21-2-13 7 38 04

Unfortunately the interview featured more text than photo, so only a small corner of my cake appeared in Cleo.

Nevertheless I’m so proud of Jess and all her work she’s done so far.

I also had the chance to meet Jess’ friend, Rachelyn Gordon, who is also the journalist with Cleo covering the interview on Jess. Rachel is passionate about chasing her dreams of being a journalist, and she made it – after tons of hard work of course! So nice to meet another fellow person running a similar path to living our dreams. 🙂

We also ate a bit of cake.

Photo 20-2-13 15 25 28

My heart broke a little when I had to cut into it.

Photo 20-2-13 15 50 41 (1)

And this is how my two tiered cake is immortalized.

Yeah, it’s just good old cling wrap.

Please do check out Jess’ site and support her! She does party plannings too. 😀

Yay to chasing our dreams!



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