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Cupcake Rangers Mission I: The Hunt Is On

Last December, I gathered some fellow cupcakes enthusiasts to go on a cupcake hunt with me.

We called ourselves..


I know what you’re thinking.

photo credits to

hahahhahaaha. kinda hilarious but cute at the same time.

So there were 4 of us, and about 9 cupcakes shops we shortlisted to try on our list.

They are:

  1. Twelve Cupcakes
  2. Awfully Chocolate
  3. Cupcake Engineer
  4. Cupcakes with Love
  5. Cher’s Cupcakes
  6. Swirls Bake Shop
  7. Plain Vanilla Bakery
  8. Lamb Cupcakery
  9. FiveOne Degrees

We decided that we would try 1 red velvet cupcake & 1 other flavour(specials for the day or recommended flavours) from each store After all, we were gonna be eating 18 cupcakes that day! Each of us took a few stores to buy from, met at a final destination and tasted all cupcakes in one go.

Our reviews included the following criteria:

  1. Taste & texture of cupcake
  2. Taste & texture of frosting
  3. Packaging
  4. Presentation
  5. How well the cupcake travels
  6. Location
  7. Pricing

We also intentionally sampled all vanilla flavours first, followed by all red velvet cupcakes, leaving chocolate for the last so that we would be able to conduct this taste test more accurately. Awfully Chocolate cupcakes were the last to be tasted because we knew how wonderfully rich and good their chocolate is!

Disclaimer notice: This cupcake review is done jointly by the four of us – The Cupcake Rangers. These are our honest opinions based on what we’ve tried and tasted that day. We know, we all have different tastes, so do some of you guys reading this, so it’s totally okay if you don’t agree with our tastebuds!

First on our list:

Twelve Cupcakes!

Photo 5-2-13 18 26 03

Very impressive display. All their cupcakes look perfect and up to standard.

Photo 5-2-13 18 27 43

Whoaaaa, would you look at that?

Photo 5-2-13 18 29 49

These are their flavours.

Photo 23-1-13 15 10 18

Photo 4-2-13 20 13 46

So I chose their Red Velvet cupcake and the Chocolate Salted caramel cupcake to try.

We felt the red velvet cupcake was nice and dense, moist. Frosting was a little hard & looked a little custard-y, did not look like typical cream cheese frosting because they are usually lighter in colour. Twelve’s Red Velvet was voted #2 best from all the Red Velvets we had that day.

For the Chocolate Salted Caramel cupcake, we felt that the cake was a tad dry, but the salted caramel frosting tasted good, I love the salted caramel drizzle and chocolate drizzle on top.

Packaging was pretty for individually packed cupcakes, but getting the box was definitely be more sturdy. Presentation is very good too, piping and drizzling looked consistent and extremely yummy. Frosting and cake travelled well on the journey of buses and trains.

Twelve Cupcakes
$3 for standard flavours, $3.50 for specials – cupcakes are quite small for its price
Multiple locations, very accessible

Next up, Awfully Chocolate!

Photo 22-1-13 18 34 40

Oh it was a rainy day on my way to this Awfully Chocolate branch at Katong.

Photo 22-1-13 18 38 50Gotta love their Christmas decor, so festive!

Photo 22-1-13 18 40 33

Photo 22-1-13 18 41 47

Oh truffles…..yum

Photo 22-1-13 18 43 39 I would love to try all their other desserts on display someday.

Photo 22-1-13 18 45 36

I really like the simplicity of their packaging. Indeed, less is more.

Photo 22-1-13 18 47 34

A shot of the shop front.

Photo 4-2-13 20 09 16

Unfortunately, the white chocolate cupcake kinda smooshed with all the bus & train rides.

We tasted the white chocolate one first, and oh my goodness, the white chocolate frosting was divine! Very distinct taste of white chocolate and it was not too sweet like how most other white chocolate are. Cake was soft and very moist, the white chocolate frosting complemented the cake very well.

We sampled the dark chocolate cupcake the very last, gosh the dark chocolate frosting was absolutely fantastic! I love the deep dark cocoa taste, the very distinctive taste of Awfully Chocolate’s special blend of chocolate. I dare say it’s probably even better than Valrhona! Cake was the same as the white chocolate cupcake, so we figured that they used the same cupcake base with a different frosting.

The packaging was good, I liked the transparent window on the box, can always check on the cupcakes, the white chocolate cupcake definitely did not survive the journey of bus & train rides, I believe the frosting did not agree with our humid weather. The dark chocolate cupcake managed to survive somehow.

Presentation wise, both cupcakes look beautifully frosted, there was enough frosting & it kinda leaves you wanting for more because it’s that good!

All four of us unanimously voted for both Awfully Chocolate’s cupcakes as the best tasting chocolate cupcakes that we had that day.

Awfully Chocolate
$4.90 per cupcake, a tad pricier but their cupcakes are pretty huge.
Multiple locations, very accessible

Moving on to – Cupcakes with Love!

Photo 23-1-13 14 23 37

A quaint little cupcake shop tucked away in the streets of Tanjong Katong.

Photo 23-1-13 14 24 48

This place looks promising for a night to hangout, have some cupcakes & tea.

Photo 23-1-13 14 27 12

I found their display a little sad because the display case was not filled. Also I think the cupcakes look really small in their display trays. It’s the same display that Lamb Cupcakery has but theirs is angled slightly towards customers (see Lamb’s display towards the end of the post).

Photo 23-1-13 14 52 34

Their flavours available.

Photo 23-1-13 14 55 24

Wasn’t kidding when I said it was a good place to chill!

Photo 4-2-13 20 07 54

On the left is Red Velvet, and the right is Adult Chocolate, has a little rum in it.

We tasted the red velvet and felt it did not taste like a red velvet cake, cake was spongey, the cream cheese frosting was not our favourite frosting.

Adult Chocolate was a normal chocolate cake, and a little rum in the frosting. Cake was spongey but a tad dry, the chocolate rum frosting tasted pretty good.

I was given the cupcakes packed in brown paper bags, definitely not the best packaging we’ve seen that day, and the frosting got stuck onto the sides of the paper bag. They did not travel well in brown paper bags.

Presentation wise, we felt that both the frosting looked a little flat and sad, I think cupcakes should always have piped frosting or at least a nice dollop of frosting like how Magnolia Bakery does. There was definitely not enough frosting on each cupcake.

Cupcakes With Love
$3.50 per cupcake – cupcakes are quite small in my opinion
Only 1 location – 348 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437115

Next up – Cupcake engineer!

Photo 23-1-13 15 15 29

Tucked away in a small corner.

Photo 23-1-13 15 16 31Cute display!

Photo 23-1-13 15 17 42

and they are pretty proud of their Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting.

Photo 4-2-13 20 14 30

And they had every reason to be.

This was Cupcake Ranger Matilda’s report:

Cupcake Engineer only uses natural ingredients so they didn’t have red velvet on their menu. So they recommended the Horlicks cupcake and Chocolate Infinity cupcake.

We love the Horlicks cupcake very much, the vanilla cake base with lightly infused with horlicks, soft,  moist & light. The Swiss meringue buttercream was fabulous, and left all four of us wanting for more. Cupcake Engineer’s Horlicks Cupcake was voted as our #1 vanilla cupcake that day.

The Chocolate Infinity cupcake on the other hand tasted a little weird to us, cake was spongey but did not taste chocolatey, chocolate frosting tasted good.

Cupcakes were individually packed and they travelled well on bus & train rides. We preferred the Horlicks frosting over the chocolate frosting. Presentation wise, the Horlicks cupcake looks beautifully piped, and the chocolate pearls make the Chocolate Infinity cupcake  look incredibly yummy.

Cupcake Engineer
$4 each – quite pricey compared to others
Only 1 location – 501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court, #01-03A, Singapore 259760

Cupcake Ranger Matilda reported that FiveOne Degrees was closed, unfortunately, till the New Year’s. We had listed theirs to try because they had many reviews from SPH.

Going on to Cher’s Cupcakes.

Photo 23-1-13 15 18 48

Also tucked away in a small corner.

Photo 23-1-13 15 20 31

Cute display, would be nicer if it was all filled up.

Photo 4-2-13 20 10 53

Cupcake Ranger GG reports the following;

We ordered the Red Velvet Cupcake and Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcake.

The red velvet cupcakes was the least favourite of all the red velvet we had that day, the cake was probably overmixed or overbaked because it was quite dry. Frosting did not taste nice.

The peanut butter and jelly cupcake, the cake was too dry and did not taste good, frosting also tasted a little weird because it tasted more of peanut paste than a peanut butter flavour. Has a strange after taste.

Let’s just say these two were our least favourite out of all that we’ve tried that day.

The packaging was pretty, like a cute takeout box with a handle and a clear window to see your cupcakes, they also travelled pretty well on buses and trains. Presentation wise, we felt that both cupcakes were a little small, and the cakes were not filled all the way up to the casing. Frosting looked pretty decent, but definitely not the best we’ve seen that day.

Cher’s Cupcakes
$2.80 per cupcake – cheapest one we’ve had from the list we tried
Only 1 location – 730 Upper Serangoon Road #01-01, Yeley Building, Singapore, Singapore 534613

Next up – Plain Vanilla Bakery!

Photo 23-1-13 15 24 07

Pretty excited to taste the cupcakes from this store because we heard many people raving about it.

Photo 23-1-13 15 26 49 Love.this.shot.

Photo 10-2-13 22 36 07

Very homey store.

Photo 23-1-13 15 28 50

The best packaging I’ve seen throughout.

Photo 23-1-13 15 29 38Oh yeah and their shop is a little difficult to find because it’s located upstairs.

Photo 4-2-13 20 11 41

Cupcake Ranger Mel reports the following:

We had the Strawberry White Chocolate & Red Velvet Cupcake. We tasted the strawberry white chocolate first and felt the cake had a good texture, a tad dry though. We also found the frosting a little grainy and  too sweet for our liking, & we did not taste any white chocolate in the frosting.

Red velvet cupcake did not taste like red velvet, good texture for their cake, however the frosting was also too sweet and a little crusty. The frosting also did not taste of cream cheese.

We were a little disappointed in the taste of the cupcakes.

However, in terms of presentation, Plain Vanilla’s Strawberry White Choc was voted #1 in presentation, with its beautifully swirled frosting and a little strawberry bit on it. The red velvet frosting looked like it should have been more in the centre.

Plain Vanilla’s packaging was very sturdy and the cupcakes definitely travelled well in bus and train rides. We voted PV’s packaging as the #1 best packaging from the list we had.

Plain Vanilla Bakery
$3.50 each
1 location – 34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277691

Going on to – Lamb Cupcakery!

Photo 23-1-13 15 30 33

I think this is the best Christmas decor I’ve seen in a cupcake shop.

Photo 23-1-13 15 31 09

See what I talking about earlier? The display is angled out to face the customers. Kinda makes the cupcakes stand out more.

Photo 4-2-13 20 15 19

Okay these 2 cupcakes did not travel well, the mango cupcake frosting was piped a little too high for the box and the red velvet frosting certainly started to slide down slowly as Ranger Mel travelled to other shops.

However, what’s lacking in presentation, Lamb’s cupcakes do make up for it in terms of taste. Their Mango Cupcake has the best tasting cake and frosting that we tasted that day. The cake was dense and moist, tasted a tad underbaked but flavour was good. Frosting tasted a bit gritty, but the marvelous taste of mango frosting and that mango drizzle made up for it!

The Red Velvet Cupcake was absolutely delish! Wonderful fragrance, good taste and texture in the cake, very dense and fluffy at the same time, it was really good! Frosting was light and not too sweet. Probably the best red velvet cupcake we’ve ever tasted!

All 4 of us unanimously voted that both of Lamb’s cupcakes are the best tasting cupcakes we had that day!

Lamb Cupcakery
$3.50 each – reasonable price for the size of the cupcake
Only 1 location – 491 River Valley Road #01-20B Valley Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 239229

Ranger Mel’s last stop – Swirls Bake Shop

Photo 10-2-13 22 41 21

They had their regular cupcakes and mini cupcakes on display.

Photo 23-1-13 15 33 41

A shot of the shop front.

Photo 4-2-13 20 12 54

We had their red velvet cupcake and carrot cupcake.

Carrot cupcake did not taste like a carrot cake, frosting was way too sweet for our liking, and we did not taste like cream cheese frosting, the frosting was firm but tasted sugary.

We also felt the red velvet cupcake did not taste like red velvet cake,cake has a nice and spongey texture but the frosting was too sweet for our taste.

Presentation wise, we felt it was also a little lacking in something, personally I prefer frosting to be piped, or if you’re not piping, make it nice and swirly like Magnolia’s!

Their packaging is nice and sturdy in a cupcake box, so both cupcakes travelled well through buses and trains.

Swirls Bake Shop
$4.25 for regular, $2.80 for tiny – quite pricey for the size for the regular cupcake
Only 1 location – 8 Rodyk Street 01-08, Singapore, Singapore 238216

Here’s a shot of all the cupcakes we tried that day!

Oh we also happen to pass by All Good Things bake shop and tried their Earl Grey Tea Loaf.

Photo 23-1-13 15 12 27

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, like a MEGA CAKE OVERLOAD.

Photo 23-1-13 15 14 19

And 16 cupcakes later….

Photo 29-12-12 17 55 44

We cast our votes, and here are our favourites.

Drum rolls please……

Our favourite packaging and the best,well traveled cupcakes goes to: Plain Vanilla Bakery!
For their beautiful, sturdy brown box packaging. Love the little rustic look with the brown twine tied around it.

We voted for the best presentation of a cupcake to be: Plain Vanilla Bakery!
We like how the White Chocolate Strawberry cupcake was beautifully frosted and topped with a little strawberry at the edge.

We voted the best location to be: Awfully Chocolate!
With 12 outlets spread around Singapore it’s pretty convenient to find them anywhere, and they have outlets internationally too!

The best vanilla base cupcake goes to: There are two winners,
Cupcake Engineer’s Horlicks cupcake and Lamb Cupcakery’s Mango cupcake
Both cupcakes had incredible flavour and a good texture in both cake & frosting.

The best red velvet cupcake goes to: Lamb Cupcakery!
Like the best red velvet you’ll ever taste.

The best chocolate cupcake goes to: Awfully Chocolate!
Both the White Chocolate Cupcake and Dark Chocolate Cupcake are seriously the best tasting chocolate cupcakes EVER.

The most value for money goes to: Lamb Cupcakery!
Only $3.50 per cupcake and it’s a pretty big one too.

The overall winner goes to: Lamb Cupcakery!
Both the Mango cupcake and Red Velvet cupcake are the best tasting cupcake we’ve had from a single shop in that day. Good flavour and texture in both the cakes and frosting.

Have you tried any of the above store’s cupcakes before? I’d like to know!



7 thoughts on “Cupcake Rangers Mission I: The Hunt Is On

  1. This is an excellent review, havent tried some of the cupcakes on the list but will get on them soon ! I love PV though and yes, they are on the sweeter side 🙂 Do think that Twelve Cupcakes are overhyped; they look very mass produced and all taste the same.

    Posted by Lynne W | April 28, 2014, 6:29 pm
  2. This entry is greatly informative! I really enjoyed reading your review 👍

    Posted by janetcalliechoo | April 28, 2014, 7:31 pm

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