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Classic carrot cake

Last friday, I tried out a new recipe for CARROT CAKE! (yes finally)

Been wanting to try carrot cake for the longest time but I don’t know why I didn’t get down to it. Maybe the thought of grating carrots put me off. Hehe, typical lazy me.

Anyways, I thought it’ll be nice to try it out since I had a bake team at Eden to help me out. 😀

My carrot cake all frosted in cream cheese frosting. (Recipe from Joy of Baking)

Topped with hazelnuts.

And a shot of the carrot cake with one slice out, of course you have to have a photo of how the inside looks like, right?

Look at all that cinnamon, raisins and hazelnuts! It was really yummy. I could barely taste the carrots actually, just a subtle hint of sweetness. I kept imagining that the carrot cake would taste more like a savoury vege pie or the sweet sauce version of cai tao kuey, haha!

This was what we sold for Eden last Friday, gotta say, the lap chiong (Chinese sausage) frittata was discovered by accident! We decided to experiment adding Asian flavours to an Italian dish, and lo and behold, it tasted so awesome! Like an italian version of char kway teow. (My fellow Singaporeans, you just know how yummy char kway teow is yes? YES? :D)

There were 3 mountains of these frittatas all lined up on display. & they were sold out pretty quickly. 🙂






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