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Finally a new post!

hello you guys!

It’s been such a long while since my last update, I’ve spent a month long holiday in the fabulous Down Under during the month of July (maybe a post will follow on all the fantastic cafes I’ve been to in Aussie, MAYBE.) Been back home & bumming around alot lately, trying my hands on a few recipes here & there, & finally, I think I found my favourite rainbow cake recipe!

You see, the quest started out when I tried out a recipe from bakerella. It turned out beautifully, nice layers & colours.


But, as pretty as it looks….I didn’t like the taste of it.

This was one giant cake that I made for one of Eden’s friday service. (We have giant cake pans in our cafe, like 12″ kind!)


Okay I do admit, the orange layer – a little uneven in size because I was trimming the sides down & my knife probably slipped. Rookie mistake, better luck with cake rings next time maybe!

Frosted everything with my favourite cream cheese frosting, which was a hit.

It might have been the recipe, it might have been the fact that I reduced too much sugar, or maybe it’s me, I just didn’t really like this white cake. Must be the missing egg yolks in the recipe, it’s taste is just lacking a little something.

However, I wanted to give it another chance to see what went wrong. Following week, I went with another white cake recipe from the Whisk Kid (really talented baker who went on the Martha Stewart show to demo her rainbow cake!).

I decided on ombre layers this time, & I think the gradient layers didn’t show up as well it I expected it to be. 😦


I followed the white cake recipe to the t & did not reduce the sugar or anything. As it turns out, the problem lies with me, the taste of white cake just doesn’t agree with my tastebuds. & to add on to the disaster, the cake was just waaay too sweet man.


Probably the only consolation was the frosting, I followed the recipe from Whisk Kid, & tried a Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting. It was surprising light & yummy. I can’t wait to try the Italian version next time.

Determined to bake a rainbow cake that I actually would like to eat, I racked my brains & finally decided to try a modified version of my red velvet cake recipe.

Well it’s important when you do a rainbow cake, you start with a cake base that you like, preferably like a plain vanilla cake or in my case, I did a white velvet cake for the base. Do make sure that the cake base turns out to a really light coloured batter, if not any colours you add in will probably not show up nicely.

Split the batter evenly (I did mine by weight), & add colouring till you’re happy with the shade of the batter. I added about 1/6 tsp (for concentrated colouring paste) to 1/3 tsp (for normal liquid food colouring) for each colour.


I think it turned out beautifully!


Frosted it with cream cheese frosting (I swear you can never go wrong with cream cheese!) & decorated it with heart sprinkles.

Just shared this with my friends when I met them for dinner yesterday, they loved it, and so did I. 🙂


Love this shot of the rainbow cake.

20120919-001323.jpgMy friend even did a really nice photo collage. 😀

Special thanks to my friends, Naomi & Clayton, for helping to capture some beautiful shots used in this blog post!






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