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Old-school Apple Cake


I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, been working on a couple of bake projects and stuff! But I’m happy to update that in today’s post, we’ll be doing:


I first came across this recipe of the apple cake when watching Working Class Foodies back in 2009(?!) I loved how the 2 siblings Rebecca and Max Lando would cook pretty simple stuff & all under a $8 per person budget.

Anyways, they did this apple cake on one of their episodes. Watch the full epsiode here!

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this. Video belongs to Working Class Foodies of Hungry Nation TV.

So it seemed pretty easy enough and how could I resist not trying it out right?
I remembered using this recipe quite a few times & it is as what the Lando siblings claimed – fail proof, everytime. Each time I made this cake it always turned out good. No kidding!

I remember when I started doing this recipe at Eden, my oh my, people are always raving about it. I really love this recipe & how the cake would turn out so wonderfully moist, cinnamon-y, with those soft apple chunks…..

*Awkward pause*

*Grabs a tissue*

Pardon me, I might have drooled a little just thinking about it. 😛

I’ve done this recipe a couple of times while voluntering at Eden.

This was when we tried more cake than apples.


And then we have this one – more apples than cake.


Both were equally good. I know this one looks kinda burnt, but it wasn’t, in fact remember the apples, coated with all that sugar & cinnamon from before, they caramelized while baking in the oven, it’s unbelievably good.


An awesome cake like this, doesn’t need much more on it. I served it with icing sugar dusted on the top & there you have it.


Awesome old-school apple cake.

Ah so Christmassy seeing the icing sugar sprinkled all over the cake like snow!

Try it, seriously.



One thought on “Old-school Apple Cake

  1. nice write up interesting to read and of course just wonder how will that cake taste…hmm

    fettucini : )

    Posted by murad | May 24, 2012, 11:37 pm

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