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Rainbows Are Love

Just a short update, these are rainbow cupcakes I made quite a while back. 🙂

I wanted to mix all colours in a cup, but, these babycakes are way too small, so I made do with individual colours in each.


 And I ended up with these beautiful cupcakes & 5 different colours.

They are butter cupcakes & frosted in buttercream frosting.


 We have the red.


The purple – looks more like a blueblack colour here,
went overboard with the colouring perhaps. :O


Bright sunshine yellow.


This is blue, kinda dark too.
(note to self, go easy on the colouring next time round!)


& finally we have green!

Now if you thought that was it.

Think again.

Now take a deep breath,

Scroll down


umhmm, I attempted to make a layered rainbow cake.

My oh my, notice how much cake I had to cut away to get these nice even layers.

Clearly I need more practice!

So I ended up with 2 mini-cakes that I frosted in white buttercream, & topped with birthday celebratory flags.


I made one girl extremely happy that day.



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