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Once Upon A Time, I Baked Too Many Red Velvets

When I made up my mind to do freelance baking a couple of months back, the first thing I worked on was improving my recipes. Red Velvets have been a top favourite amongst my friends & community, and with the many opportunities that I had, these were the many, many times that I baked Red Velvets.

Amplify’s Welcome Tea

Post-WYD potluck

Cake in a jar

Cake Pops/balls

Office party

A  friend’s farewell

The biggest order I had to date.

Eden last friday of the year 2011

Girls Squeal For ________. (red velvet cupcakes, if you haven’t already figured it)

For Eden, a couple of weeks ago.

Twas the day I got my first referral.

A small batch I baked for my friends

A full three-layered red velvet cake! Finally.

Yup, all these within a short span of about 7 months.

I think there is a good possibilty that more than half of the above were also part of my bake projects. Some were for my friends, some were brought for parties, etc. (I might have left some out unintentionally, I don’t know either, age is catching up on me and my memory is failing.)

Now that I look back at all these photos, the sheer number of times that I’ve done RVs was totally insane.

All I can say is that all that practice I had, it probably paid off! 😀


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