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After School Party


This was one of my first official bake projects I was working on in November 2011 last year. A good friend called me and ordered about 5 dozens for her primary school kids.

“Babe,” she said, “I want the one with the oreos in it! & colourful frosting okay?”

Okay, so I prepped a whole bunch of oreo cookies.

Yummy, yummy oreo cookies. I always end up with a couple of missing cookies thanks to the brother of mine. He unleashes his other ninja self & steals my cookies, all the time. I’d try my best to stop him, but hey he’s much taller, has longer arms, and stronger. Needless to say, my short arms could not keep the ninja away, and I was left with my tub of oreo cookies – minus a few. =/

I did my regular One-bowl chocolate cupcakes recipe, and before filling the cups up with batter, I placed an oreo cookie in each of the cavities.

Then filled it up with the chocolate batter.


All ready to hit the oven.

& nicely baked after about 10-12 minutes.

I did my regular cream cheese frosting, threw in a couple of different colourings, and frosted them.


I think I might have went overboard with the blue frosting. Kinda looks like a poor Smurf melted on the cupcake or something. Ooops.

All packed and ready to be delivered!

My friend kindly sent me a photo of the cupcakes in action.:)

Phew, what a relief.

All the cupcakes are still intact & did not end up suicidal in the box.

Happy to know that you & your kids enjoyed them so much! 🙂


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