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Attack of the Gingyheads!

Happy 9 days of a brand new year!

Whoaaa, the month of December was such an eventful month for me. I have not stopped baking since……I started volunteering at Eden cafe about a month back! And on top of that there were 2 bake projects that I was working on.

What a month I had!

Ah, but that’s not the point of this update. I am more excited to share with you guys……



Gingerbread cookies.

Or rather, Gingyheads in this case.


Well it was Christmas, and I debated if I should bake fruit cake or gingerbread cookies.

After seeing bakerella’s post on Gingerbread Heads, they were so darn adorable! I knew at once, I would make these lovely Gingys.

It was so much fun decorating them!

Unfortunately I did not have that many fancy sprinkles on hand, soooo I grit my teeth, piped like a mad woman, and finished them with confetti sprinkles.

They turned out beautifully. *Phew*

More importantly, I loved how all my friends’ faces would light up so brightly when I presented these for Christmas. 🙂 It made all that crazy piping so worth it.



2 thoughts on “Attack of the Gingyheads!

  1. these look lovely, just found your blog and i love it (i also secretly stalk bakeralla – LOVE HER!)
    your blog looks wicked and thought i would just tell you that i love i t:D
    xxx keep baking xxx

    Posted by emeraldcakes | January 22, 2012, 8:44 pm

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