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No Bake!

Italian Tiramisu With……. Baileys

I’m happy to update that this week I finally attempted to make tiramisu!

A uniquely Italian no-bake dessert that is surprisingly easy to prepare.

I’ve always been intrigued & wanted to try out Working Class Foodies’ Beeramisu.
See their video here.

Again, I don’t own the video. Video belongs to HungryNation TV.

Too bad we ain’t got no nice tasting stout over in sunny island here aye.

Lucky for me, Mother grabbed hold of some Baileys on her way out of the airport.


So following the recipe in Working Class Foodies. I mixed up some mascarpone, eggs, icing sugar & vanilla in a bowl.


Then whipped up some heavy cream.


After rolling the vanilla sponge fingers over in the baileys, layering, dusting cocoa powder, I ended up with this:


Seriously it looked so good that it took every ounce of strength in me to resist sneaking a bite into it.

I knew I had to be patient.

So I waited, chilled my tiramisu overnight, & the next morning I tried some out & my oh my!


I like to think they turned out pretty nice.

The vanilla sponge fingers were soaked just nicely with the right amount of Baileys, not too soggy, not too dry, just nice & moist.

The mascarpone mixture was not too sweet (I reduced the sugar anyways), pretty light tasting, and to top all off, it was infused with Baileys! ohsoyummmmy….

I’m so happy I could die now.


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