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Hi, hello there. Fancy a Banana Chocolate Cupcake? *Updated*

hello! finally got around to doing up a bake blog. I hope to document & write & blog on every interesting bake stuff that I love & also share some of my own takes on recipes, ideas, tips & perhaps some of my own creations!

Excited much?

Well then……let’s get started!

First post to this blog;
*drumrolls please*

Banana Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache frosting & Alphabet biscuits. (sucha mouthful to say this)


Yummy bananas. I love them.

I think I need more practice in this recipe, doesn’t taste as good as I remembered it to be when my mother baked this. hmmmmm.


oh, but chocolate ganache….my favourite frosting of all time.

Decadent, luxurious & smooth.

Had to stop myself from taking too much dips because I was worried I didn’t have enough to frost all 24 cupcakes.

I thought the alphabet biscuits were a nice touch, considering that I have yet to master the art of fondant/gumpaste/royal icing. I usually pipe letters with buttercream, but I defintely need more practice! Piping is a very delicate art, requires loads of patience and time….which I did not have.

These alphabet biscuits came in super handy!

Although I should probably remember to get these in a bigger quantity. My bag of biscuits were lacking very much in letters & numericals.

Had to improvise and cut out the letters & numbers I needed.

And these biscuits broke easily. :-/

But after a few casualties, I managed to carve out the letters I needed. Yay!

I’d like to think they worked out pretty well.

*note to self: to get more of these, in chocolate ones too.

My grandpa liked it! See, he & grandma enjoying a cupcake for tea. How nice.:)


grandma being seated to have a cupcake.


Grandma looks confused & asks if this is for eating. (Well, she is a little senile, so yeaah.)


The brand spanking new cupcake courier on its virgin trip overseas.

20111216-130705.jpgSitting so nicely in there, like a safehouse.

My mind is more at ease knowing that they are in there. 🙂


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