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Wedrock Weddings Cleo Photoshoot

Wedrock Weddings Cleo Photoshoot

Hey all! I’m pretty excited to update on this particular post, because one of my BFFs made it to a CLEO Carreer Star magazine interview for Feb’s issue! Like ZOMG! photo credits to wedrockweddings.com Meet Jess, a dear of friend of mine, who is a kickass wedding planner. photo credits to wedrockweddings.com She started her … Continue reading

the baker & the blogger

Hello there! Let me just say, how wonderful to have you stumble across this wordpress!

Baking is my life, and has been for the past couple of years. Been posting random photos of the things I have baked on my facebook, and after secretly stalking bake blogs like bakerella, I was inspired to write about the things I bake too.

Enter, keepcalmandbake.wordpress.com

In here, you'll find photos, entries and everything else about the stuff I bake. (Maybe a couple of random posts with food as well(: )

Excited much? Because I am. I simply cannot wait to get started on exploring! :D

♥ kelynn
keep calm & bake!

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